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We are much more than just technology installers. Our goal is to serve as technology concierges for our clients in Olathe KS or throughout the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. Our smart home automation and commercial automation clients can expect ongoing support from the initial consultation all the way through ongoing maintenance of our installations. Learn more about our services below.

services project management

Project Management

We will be there every step of the way. We don't just hand over documents and hope they come out the way we planned. All our custom technology installations include ongoing management, planning, and quality control. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and have standard operating procedures and protocol that we follow for all of our projects. This way any issues or problems that arise can be resolved quickly. We have expert project managers tasked with coordinating with managers, subcontractors, and end users to ensure that all moving parts proceed efficiently and according to plan. Since our integrated solutions typically include multiple systems ranging from security cameras to lighting control, we commit to continually communicating with all involved parties to keep the project on time and budget.

services wire installation


Having a comprehensive wiring foundation is just as important as a robust design and engineering framework. Low-voltage systems including audio and video distribution, security cameras, and networking all have different requirements. By taking care of all your cabling and Ethernet wiring needs from the start, you can avoid costly installations in the future. By planning your wiring ahead of time, it's easier to ensure it stays hidden away to prevent unsightly clutter in your home or business. Our experienced technicians design wiring frameworks primed for easy maintenance and future upgrades.

services programming


We gauge the success of our systems on how intuitive and easy-to-use they are for our clients and that comes down to the programming. Our custom technology systems need to communicate seamlessly so users can efficiently manage all their subsystems including audio/video distribution, lighting, shading, access control, security, surveillance and more. Our expert programmers get all your technology speaking the same language for optimal results. The best equipment is useless if it isn’t given the right environment to thrive and that’s where our programming department takes over. Not only do we ensure that all systems put the good life at your fingertips, but we offer tutorials on how to use everything from a touch screen, keypad, touchpad, remote or even voice assistant.

services performance calibration


We don't deal in plug-in-and-play systems. We optimize the audio and video performance of all our projects from enterprise-grade restaurant sound installations to high-end audio systems. Our technicians use their years of expertise to adjust equipment settings to calibrate every aspect of the project. We adjust video contrast, sharpness, and color. When it comes to audio, we calibrate speakers according to the acoustic specifications of each room to offer crisp, high-quality sound at all times.

services architectural finishes


Our goal is to have the technology we install work seamlessly with your space. We work with interior designers to ensure the right architectural finishes are in place to make our technology components practically invisible. Among other things, we offer flush-mount solutions for all wall switches, outlets, keypads, and data jacks. We offer elegant mounting solutions for your smart home automation systems’ dedicated touchpads. In some cases, we can even work with your designer to add veneers, touch-ups, color matching, and plaster replication to incorporate your unique style. Our on-site project managers work with all associated parties to troubleshoot and adjust as needed to meet your aesthetic style be it a rustic, traditional, or contemporary style.

services system monitoring


We strive to be your technology partners for life, which means that our job is not done after installation. We want to give you peace of mind that your system will work for years to come through scheduled maintenance. Through our remote monitoring services, we can check on the status of all the devices connected to the network including lighting controls, security cameras, thermostats, and more. If something goes wrong, we can often resolve it before the end user even notices. We also offer documentation, manuals, and warranties for the smart devices in your home or business.

services maintenance support


Even the best technology in the world requires ongoing maintenance and regular service and upgrades to run as efficiently as possible. Based on your custom technology solution, we schedule regular maintenance visits to check on your equipment and optimize its performance. If something goes wrong, you can reach out to us via phone, text or email for 24/7 support. We'll also keep you up to date when new firmware or software becomes available to enhance your system performance and security. Our goal is to be your technology concierge for years to come. If you ever need any help with your smart technology, don't hesitate to reach out!

service consultation


Naturally Wired prides itself on designing custom technology solutions for all of our clients. To do that, we begin all of our projects with a one-on-one consultation to gauge our clients' needs. Whether it's a commercial surveillance system in Lee's Summit, MO or a motorized shades installation in Leawood, the process is the same. We collaborate to come up with unique ideas and suggestions that showcase the latest technology and the top industry partners. The ultimate goal is to come up with a solution that alleviates stress and frustration while helping your home or business stay within budget.

service project specification


After our initial discovery, we work with our team of expert technicians to document all of the technology components, services, and engineering needed for the project. When applicable, we work alongside clients’ architects and engineers to ensure all ongoing projects work hand in hand. The result is an easy-to-follow project proposal that the client can review. It includes important specifications on the project’s product and engineering requirements, functionality, wiring, installation. For commercial applications, we pay close attention to all relevant codes and standards.

service design engineering

Design & Engineering

Once a proposal is accepted, we take the time to create extensive design and engineering documentation. By having the right framework from the start –and having everyone on the same page through clear documentation—you'll end up with a more functional, reliable and streamlined system. Since everyone is buying into the same plan, you can avoid costly mistakes and changes in the future. There are a few key components to consider during this stage.

One is usability: the design includes a user interface that is intuitive and consistent. The system also should have a wiring infrastructure that allows for natural expansion and upgrades. Finally, we work with designers and architects to make sure that aesthetically all technology components fit seamlessly into the space.

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